Trevistar CR

Tensioning & Traditional Finisher

Blowing shirt unit with small footprint able to provide 50 shirts/hour.
Available in two versions that provide different styles of placket finish.

The Trevistar CR provides productivity, finishing quality and operator comfort.

The machine has an output of 50 shirts/hr, which is a real productivity figure, because the quality of the finish provided by the machine is such that virtually no touch up is needed.

Sleeve arms have been redesigned to allow unprecedented control of sleeve tensioning. The movement of the cuff clamps is studied to keep them always correctly aligned to the shoulders. The amount of tension impressed to the sleeves can be electronically programmed according to the fabric.

The machine is available in two versions, which differ in the cuff finishing device. One type provides a soft finish, by means of blowing devices, which dry the placket without marks or undesired creases. The other type finishes the placket and the cuff pleats at the same time using a press.

The TreviTouch touch screen makes it super simple to use the machine. The new Smart interface allows full control of the machine movements in a simple and intuitive way.

The Trevistar CR is the most compact shirt finisher in the market. The console can be set up on the right or on the left of the operator, thus adapting to different store layouts.

Main features

Available in two versions

  • With FC-type sleeve clamps.
  • With S-type sleeve clamps.

Built-in short sleeve clamps

Both FC- and S-type sleeve clamps provide a rounded finish of short sleeves. Precise tensioning control avoids distortions and overstretching.

Placket presses

Choose FC-type sleeve clamps for a crisp finish of both pleats and plackets.

Contactless placket finishing

Choose S-type sleeve clamps for a softly natural finish, without unwanted marks.

5-clamp vertical tensioning system

The tensioning carriage is equipped with five clamps to guarantee an even finish of the hem. The tensioning strength of the clamps can be adjusted or completely excluded for delicate fabric.

Side expanders with anti-stretch device

A sensor on the expanders automatically finds the size of the shirt and prevents distortion. It is possible to adjust the tensioning strength of the expanders or to completely exclude it, e.g. for stretch fabric.

Pneumatic collar clamp

The shape of the collar clamp is made to make it easy to slip closed garments on the form, such as polo shirts.

Heated front clamp with temperature adjustment

The front clamp presses the front placket without damaging the buttons. Its temperature is adjustable. The dial is protected against accidental change.
For better ergonomics the controls that are needed during the cycle are integrated into the clamp.

Pneumatic cuff clamps height adjustment

The height of the cuff clamps is adjustable by means of convenient joysticks on the front clamp.

Pneumatic adjustment of shoulders width

Convenient buttons on the front clamp allow to adjust the width of shoulder expanders, thus providing a wrinkle-free finish of the armhole.

Trevi-touch touchscreen display

All tensioning movements are controlled electronically and can be adjusted to finish any type of fabric: from heavy cotton to stretch fabrics.

  • Unlimited custom programs
  • Can be translated in any language
  • Provides simple visual interface
  • Password-protected programming
  • Integrated Service and troubleshooting software

Smart interface

Super simple operation and complete control of tensioning at your fingertips.

Easy maintenance & troubleshooting

Check the status of vital components in no time through windows in the cabinet.

Read pop-up messages that remind routine maintenance and report anomalies on the console.

Master of space

  • Only 0.8 m2 of floor space occupancy, the smallest in the market.
  • Depth can be reduced to 83 cm for installation.
  • The touch screen console can be placed on the left or on the right, according to store layout.

Two sizes of form available

A standard size for men’s shirts and a narrow buck for tapered shirts and ladies’ blouses.

Two sizes of form available

A standard size for men’s shirts and a narrow buck for tapered shirts and ladies’ blouses.

Re-positionable console

The console can be positioned on the right or left side of the machine cabinet, according to the position of the cuff and collar press.

One pedal operation

Do not waste your time looking for controls.



It cuts operation costs combining favourably a reduction of drying time and steam saving.

It recycles hot air coming from the form and redirects it on the shirt’s critical points: shoulders and yoke seams. The finish is soft and free of wrinkles as there is no contact of metal parts against the fabric. The width of the shoulders can be adjusted while the hood is in operation.

At the end of drying, an automatic mechanism diverts hot air outside. The work environment is thus more comfortable.

LED illumination reduces operator fatigue.



The Trevil economizer increases the efficiency of the Trevistar shirt finisher. It is located inside the cabinet of the machine, in a position that does not increase the machine footprint.

By recovering the heat of condensate, the economizer raises the temperature of the air used for drying, thus decreasing cycle times. It also curbs operation costs by saving steam, water and energy.


DescriptionWith S-type sleeve clamps – Regular formWith S-type sleeve clamps – Slim formWith FC-type sleeve clamps – Regular formWith FC-type sleeve clamps – Slim form
Electrical requirements400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz
Total power4 kW4 kW4 kW4 kW
Steam consumption35 kg/h35 kg/h35 kg/h35 kg/h
Dimensions1880 x 981 x 2635 mm1880 x 981 x 2635 mm1880 x 981 x 2635 mm1880 x 981 x 2635 mm
Net weight364 kg364 kg364 kg364 kg