Slide ALL THE STEAM YOU NEED From the design of the pressure vessel to the assembling of the finished generator, Trevil controls the entire supply chain

Electric Steam Generators

For 30 years Trevil has been designing and building electric boilers for steam production. Besides the standard line (power from 7.5 kW to 120 kW), they produce boilers with powers up to 150 kW.

Their products are certified by ISPESL (now INAIL) as regards the respect of the PED directive.

From the design of the boiler body to the assembly of the finished generator, Trevil watches over the entire production supply chain. If the customer already has a clear idea of how much steam he needs, at what temperature, humidity and pressure, we just make the generator that satisfies all their requirements. If the customer requests it, Trevil work with them on the definition of the project parameters corresponding to the desired result.

Trevil Boilers are ideal for the food, chemical, health, industrial, beauty, well-being and furnishing sectors.

Tevil Boilers ensure…

Safety, easy use and maintenance, a linear and compact design, energy saving, customisation and integration. These are important factors that can make a difference and have a positive influence on the entire project of which steam production is only one part.


High quality components and maximum reliability, of course. Trevil generators adopt redundant protection systems against excess pressure and excess temperature.

Customisation & Integration

Solutions that meet to a customer’s specific requirements – Trevil are able to integrate the generator with customised systems that control the operation of the generator according to physical parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity.

They have created ambient temperature control systems with a platinum resistance probe and have constructed generators perfectly integrated with systems for recording temperature and pressure (on disk, paper or file) or with payment systems for steam distribution with “self service” machines.

Energy Saving

Trevil boilers guarantee the recovery of condensate, they have economiser devices for exploiting the latent heat of condensate. Their Geyser Tron system allows the automatic control of the power used depending on the actual request for steam in the system.


Trevil Boiler Technology


The economiser allows 50% saving on water consumption and 5% on energy consumption.

The condensate recovery tank, by itself, allows saving water and energy. Higher savings can be reached implementing our economizer, that is a heat exchanger which pre-heats the water entering the boiler exploiting the latent heat of condensate entering the tank.

The economiser is particularly recommended in systems that produce much condensate.


Modular Heating Elements

Every Trevil generator works with tubular electric heating elements immersed in water.

Their heating elements are composed of a resistive wire coil immersed in compressed magnesium oxide, protected by a metal sheath of Incoloy alloy, corrosion-resistant and with good “self-cleaning” capacity thanks to the thermal expansion which expands the coils, breaking the coating of scale that tends to deposit around the hot points.

Small generators are fitted with a single heating element, but above a total generator power of 8 kW the heating elements are fractionated, so that it is possible to switch on separately only the ones necessary for the consumption required at the moment.

Automatic Power Management

The exclusive Geyser-TRON system automatically modulates the active power of the boiler according to the actual steam consumption of the system, thus avoiding waste.

The boiler is fed in modular mode by various groups of resistances. The Geyser-TRON electronic system for regulating power is able to recognise how much steam the system actually needs, and switches the sets of resistances on or off accordingly: if consumption increases, it switches on another module; if consumption decreases, it switches it off.

Geyser-TRON is available as an option on Geyser generators of 24 kW and over.


Electronic Level Control

The water level in the boiler is electronically controlled and refilled by an electric pump. Check valves prevent water backflow into the supply line and boiler flooding during hours of inactivity.

The level control circuit has been designed so as to prevent phenomena of galvanic corrosion.

The level control circuit has built-in protections against generator malfunction, for example dry running and excess pressure.

Stainless Steel Steam Vessel

The generators with pressure vessel up to 8 litres are made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Trevil’s thirty-year experience in the construction of stainless steel vessels guarantees a long working life without corrosion or damage, even along the welds.


Condensate Recovery

In systems that use steam as a heat transfer fluid, recovering return condensate reduces water consumption. Trevil supplies generators having an integrated condensate recovery tank with correct dimensions, to avoid phenomena of boiling or a “plume” of steam escaping from the tank.

Trevil tanks are made of stainless steel and feature level and temperature control systems.