Tensioning & Traditional Finisher

Tensioning form finishers dedicated to jackets and coats. available with or without boiler.

Tensioning form finisher for jackets, coats and similar. Allows to dramatically increase productivity as manual operation is limited to few touch ups of lining and details.

Standard “anti stretch” device that forms the shape of the garment without it overstretching.

Available with built-in boiler.


The Treviform tensioning form finisher is the top-quality choice for jackets and coats. An accurate tensioning system guarantees superior quality of finishes, reducing touch-ups to a minimum, for high productivity without compromises on quality.


  • The machine is comfortable to use and simple for any operators to run.
  • The control board is clear and intuitive, with pre-set programs for quick start-up.
  • The machine is activated by means of a single pedal.

Main features

Trevil electronic programmer

Intuitive control board, with preset programs for quick start-up.

Convenient control pedals

Telescoping height up to 140 cm

Large span telescoping height, for garments up to 140 cm long. With automatic height adjustment by photocell.

Wooden sleeve expanders

Allows to finish small size or fitted ladies jackets

Removable lapel clamp


Electronic blowing strength adjustment

Steaming brush with cable stand

Pneumatic clamps for side vents

Sleeve tensioning arms for sports jackets

Sleeve hem expanders

Set-up for leather cleaners

DescriptionWithout boiler with manual blowing adjustmentWithout boiler with electronic blowing adjustment7.5 kW boiler with manual blowing adjustment7.5 kW boiler with electronic blowing adjustment
Electrical requirements400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz
Total power1.1 kW1.1 kW9.4 kW9.4 kW
Steam consumption15 – 20 kg/h15 – 20 kg/h15 – 20 kg/h15 – 20 kg/h
Dimensions1200x935x1630-2380 mm1200x935x1630-2380 mm1200x935x1660-2410 mm1200x935x1660-2410 mm
Net weight135 kg135 kg163 kg163 kg