Presto FC

Tensioning & Traditional Finisher

High productivity hot plate shirt unit, up to 60/70 pieces per hour. must be used in combination with a cuff and collar press.

The Presto FC is a hot plate unit that provides high productivity, up to 60/70 shirts per hour, with exceptional quality due to Trevil’s attention to detail.

The layout of the machine allows for fast loading because the operator does not have to change position.

The rear plate reaches the hem of the shirt, providing uniform ironing along its entire length. A special device located inside the shape ensures that the rear hem is stretched to improve the quality of ironing.

Main features

The form is available in two sizes

Trevil electronic programmer

The console is equipped with the new Trevi-Touch touchscreen interface.

The console includes all the controls that are necessary to the operator. Everything is at hand, and easy to use.

Programming and troubleshooting

Store managers or advanced users may have access to full programming. The T-service software included with the machine allows programming and troubleshooting.

Clamps for short and long sleeves with pneumatic adjustment of height and tilt

Sleeve clamps are designed for fast set-up and quality finishing of both long and short sleeves. Cuff plackets presses are covered with anti-shine material.

Rear tensioning system

Presto FC takes special care of the rear of the shirt: the full size rear plate provides an even finish and the pull-down mechanism tensions the fabric. Positioning of the tail is made easy by rear suction.

Easy installation

The design of the cabinet allows to move the machine through a 90 cm (36″) wide door frame.

Pneumatic collar clamp

Side expanders

PTFE covered presses to reduce shine on dark colours

DescriptionStandard shapeLarge shape
Electrical requirements400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz
Total power2.8 kW2.8 kW
Steam consumption30 kg/h30 kg/h
Dimensions3010 x1315 x 1795 mm3010 x1315 x 1795 mm
Net weight684 kg684 kg