Range of suction / blowing tables with height adjustment and built-in 4kw boiler.
Accessories for any need or application.

Modular range of suction / blowing tables with height adjustment and built-in 4kW boiler.
This models’ high modularity and flexibility allows to configure the table to the needs of the specific application.

Available for use with point to the right or point to the left.
May also be equipped with double pedals set for use on both sides.

Available in four utility shapes.

XL surface size

XLS surface size

XLM surface size

XXL surface size

Main features

Spring aided height adjustment

From 80 to 100 cm. No tools needed.

Adjustments of suction strength

Adjustment of blowing strength

Surface heating with independent switch

Superior foam padding that ensures long time efficiency and a dry surface

Double layer of highly transpirant foam, with middle layer of anti-drop fabric.

Garment tray

Hangers support

Cable stand

Stainless steel 4kw boiler that can feed up to 2 irons

Automatic boiler with electronic level control. Incoloy heating elements.

Professional steam electric iron included


Lighting group with or without iron balancer

Vacuum and blowing sleeve bucks

Pivoting iron support for use with point to the right

Spotting arm and gun

DescriptionXL utility shape with 4 kW boilerXLS utility shape with 4 kW boilerXLM utility shape with 4 kW boilerXXL utility shape with 4 kW boiler
Electrical requirements400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz400V 3N 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz220V 3 60Hz
Total power6.06 kW6.06 kW6.06 kW6.06 kW
Steam consumption
Dimensions1804x585x1900-2050 mm1808x585x1900-2050 mm1918x585x1900-2050 mm1934x585x1900-2050 mm
Net weight163 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg