Finishing system for upholsterers


Finishing system for large pieces of cloth and curtains.

Finishing system for large pieces of cloth and curtains composed of a large heated suction table (300 x 70 cm surface) and steam generator.

Rectangular vacuum board adjustable in height.

Equipped with:

  • two indipendent vacuum units.
  • Adjustable pedal.
  • Separator assembly with connections, cables, steam hoses and iron.
  • Attachment for connection to central steam supply.

Main features

Rail for iron balancer adjustable in height

  • Cover: HR3 cover.
  • Padding: double density polyester.
  • Mesh: open fibre mesh.

Front and rear pocket

When folded, the Domostir Plia takes very little space, it can be easily stored.

Height adjustment

The convenient handle allows moving the table.

800 W steam electric iron (F022)

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Movable generator on casters

  • Movable generator on casters
  • Stainless steel 5 litres boiler
  • 3 bar running pressure
  • 2,5 kW heating elements in stainless alloy
  • Automatic feed by pump
  • Water feed tank in stainless alloy
  • It must be used in conjunction with the 800 W electric steam iron
  • Gray polyester foam padding.

 23032303 + 1525
DescriptionFinishing system for upholsterersFinishing system for upholsterers with steam generator
Electrical requirements230V 50Hz230V 50Hz
220V 60Hz220V 60Hz
Total power2,36 kW5,23 kW
Steam consumption1,12 kg/h (in the presence of iron)
Dimensions3545x930x2183 mm(Only mod. 1525)
140”x37”x86”440 x 456 x 1125 mm
Net weight187 kg(Only mod. 1525) 40 kg