Aliflex without boiler


Vacuum boards with heated surface with height and temperature adjustment.

Series of professional vacuum boards. With height adjustment and surface heating. Each table can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to fit different needs and expense budgets.

  • Sturdy, long lasting construction.
  • Single phase, for easy installation.
  • Optional three phase suction motor.

Available shapes:

XL surface size

FU surface size

Rectangular surface size

Main features

Highly efficient foam padding

  • Cover: HR3 cover.
  • Padding: double density polyester.
  • Mesh: open fibre mesh.

Spring aided height adjustment

  • From 79 to 97 cm

Surface temperature adjustment

Garment tray


Overhead group

  • Vertical support.
  • Lamp.
  • Rail with conveyor for iron.

Pivoting iron support with cable holder rod for point to the right usage

Swing arm with suction buck


F022 Steam electric iron

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Water tank with floating ball - 15 L

Tank - 10 L

DescriptionUtility shape (FU)Large utility shape (XL)Rectangular shape (R)
Electrical requirements230V 50Hz230V 50Hz230V 50Hz
220V 60Hz220V 60Hz220V 60Hz
Total power0,89 kW0,89 kW1,33 kW
Steam consumption1,12 kg/h (in the presence of iron)1,12 kg/h (in the presence of iron)1,12 kg/h (in the presence of iron)
Dimensions1360 x 530 x 970 mm1360 x 530 x 970 mm1360 x 530 x 970 mm
Net weight49 kg57 kg67 kg